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Our realistic and cartoonish depictions of your favorite animals is sure to make you want a nesting doll version for yourself! Whether you love cats, dogs, bears, and even frogs and more, we’ve got it for you. These are great

Animal nesting dolls made from other materials such as ceramic or plastic. These dolls are often used as decorative items or as gifts for children. Regardless of their size or material, animal nesting dolls are a fun and unique way to add a touch of whimsy to any collection.

Animal Russian nesting dolls are a collectible, traditional toy with a tale that began in the 18th century. At first made of wood, they have evolved into a fine art form featuring intricate carving and paint designs that depict a variety of animals.

Some animal nesting dolls are hand-painted with intricate details and realistic features, while others have more stylized or cartoonish designs. There are many variations of animal nesting dolls available, including dolls that depict pets such as cats and dogs, wild animals such as bears and wolves, and even more exotic animals such as pandas and elephants.

From realistic depictions of dogs, cats, horses, to cartoonist representation of bears, frogs, and more! The Russian Store features a vast selection of animal matryoshka nesting dolls imported directly to us from Russia.

Animal Russian Nesting Dolls are a great gift idea and can be placed on a tabletop or bedside table. Each doll is dressed in an outfit made of the finest materials, stuffed with quality fibers and designed to hold its shape over time. The plush animals have sweet, expressive faces, long eyelashes and clever expressions that are sure to delight young children. These gorgeous dolls are also perfect for imaginative playtime or as display pieces for your favorite room or collection.

The classic Russian nesting doll is made from high-quality birch wood. Inside of each tiny box, there is a smaller box which can be easily pulled out. In this way, you can create a chain of dolls and/or make them into a mat. The nesting is perfect for children to play with on Christmas Eve or Day.

  • Fun Nesting Dolls: Cute Cartoon Animal theme patterns decrease gradually in size and self contained.
  • Easy to open and close: Handmade wooden Russian nesting dolls, the top and bottom part fit perfectly. Open dolls by gently pulling the top part. Dolls connect tightly when closed.
  • Premium Material: Dolls hallowed out from linden wood and polished, no burr and won’t break easily. Bright shiny finish, safe eco-friendly water-based paint.
  • Gift Giving or decoration: Perfect gift and decorations for festival or parties.
  • Quality and After-sales Service Guarantee: Verified by professional laboratory and with Children’s Product Certificate, no safety concern. Contact us when quality issues occurs.
    Not for Children Under 3 years.