High-quality Russian Nesting Dolls. Great gift for any occasion

Classic symbol of happiness and love. Designed to promote positive affirmations for all ages

These Ukrainian Nesting Dolls are handcrafted and hand painted by professional decorative artists in Ukraine. They are made of wood and are designed to fit inside one another in decreasing size. The dolls are painted in different colors but all follow the same theme, and the scarf is decorated with golden filigree. The dolls have a glossy lacquer finish.

Our dolls are made with love and are perfect for decorating the living room or children’s room. They bring joy to everyone and make for a great gift idea for kids. Russian nesting dolls are also a fun logic toy, as stacking the dolls together and matching the art is always enjoyable for children.

  • Ukrainian Nesting Dolls make for a great gift for anyone and are a fantastic decor idea.
  • These Ukrainian dolls are made from wood and eco-friendly materials, making them completely safe for children to play with.
  • A Ukrainian Clothing Souvenir would make for a unique gift. Nesting dolls are a great representation of Slavic culture.
  • The Ukrainian Folk Costume Dolls are handmade and hand-painted.
  • Ukrainian Nesting Dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls or Babushka dolls, are traditional Russian dolls.
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